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Relaxing moments with aromatherapy. Unique products for deep cleansing.

Frantsila aroma-therapeutic bath oils and salts: relaxing, refreshing and balancing the body and mind.


A range of sauna aromas creating different atmospheres and adding to well being. The sauna is an important cleansing and relaxing space. Frantsila high quality, effective and easy to use sauna aromas enhance the enjoyment and health benefits of the sauna. Discover also Finnish clay and therapeutic peat for natural deep cleansing and skin care.


Frantsila includes herbal Medicine know-how into its products :

  • Herbal Extracts increase the skin's ability to regenerate and offer protection against environmental stress.
  • Genuine Essential Oils act as strengthening and rebalancing active agents.
  • Finnish Flower Essences nicely complete the synergy by activating more subtle parts of the being ; stimulating uplifting emotions and adding to a good mood. 




The Sauna and Bath products are skin and environmentally friendly natural products. No animal testing, animal or genetically modified substances, mineral oil, silicates, artificial colors or scents, or parabens. The ingredients marked with * are certified Organic.