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Finnish Wild Flowers, a source for inner harmony and wellbeing.

Each flower has a variety of effects. The most typical ones have been highlighted below with three points:

  • The first point tells you: to whom the remedy is destined and in what circumstances it can help.
  • The second: what the effects of the flower are.
  • The third: what the positive result of using the remedy is.

At the end you'll find the "motto" linked to each flower, which has a positive effect on the subconscious. Learn to trust your intuition when choosing a flower remedy for you or for the ones close to you.


1. Harebell Campanula rotundifolia
  • For the frustrated, stalled emotional life.
  • Opens up emotional locks.
  • Gentle flow of emotions.

Harebell is for those whose emotional life has hardened from the day to day routine. It renews and helps detecting personal needs at all levels, also in sex life. This essence helps to sensitize the person to face their feelings and to express them freely. Harebell helps seeing things more clearly and waking up to change.

"I see the situation clearly, and I start a gentle change for the better"


2. Birch Betula pendula
  • For the ones worn out from their life journey, stuffiness and lack of clarity.
  • Purifies and increases the life force flow.
  • Revitalized and restored.

Birch provides a restful feeling and removes insecurity. It stimulates the mind and the flow of energy. It helps restoring the weary and detoxifying the body. Birch also helps to settle down and to grow into mature adulthood, as well as cleaning out selfish thoughts.

"I feel how life flows in me like a renewing and reviving tree sap"


3. St. John's Wort Hypericum maculatum
  • For the ones depressed and in doubt.
  • Gives courage and strength.
  • Brave and bright feeling.

St. John's Wort gives light to the fearful and depressed mind. It emits sparks of hope to all parts of the body and gives strength. It helps to raise self-awareness and accepting who we are. St. John's Wort also enables a more open interaction between people.

"I see a spark of hope illuminating my mind"


4. Spruce Picea abies
  • For the over stressed, feeling of insecurity.
  • Lightens the burdens of the mind.
  • Safe and peaceful feeling.

Spruce helps to release pressure and stress resulting from worries, responsibilities, and the surrounding environment. It lightens the burden of life on one's shoulders and provides internal support and security. It also facilitates the excessive self- criticism and helps detaching from self imposed and environmental models.

"I'm safe, I know my direction and accept life around me"


5. Forget-me-not Myosotis scorpioides
  • For the disappointed, the day-dreamers and those that long for more.
  • Helps to deal with the emotions associated with expectations.
  • Spiritual and emotional balance.

Forget-me-not helps to achieve balance between dreams and reality. It helps accepting, handling and expressing negative emotions without harming oneself or others. This is a good essence for the mind sensitized by deep longing and memories of the soul. It teaches that life is full of opportunities to give and to receive love. It opens up new horizons in human relations.

"I get to give and experience love by being in harmony with the present and my wishes"


6. White Water Lily Nymphaea alba
  • For the one living in a spiritual void.
  • Helps to find one Self.
  • Peace of spirit and soul.

Water Lily is the Finnish lotus flower. It removes fatigue, increases faith and uplifts the mood. This essence creates a balance between basic needs, basic instincts and higher values - and reduces conflicts amongst these. Water Lily soothes nicely before meditation.

"All the facets of my being are in balance, and peace is with me"


7. Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria
  • For the restless, tense and the scattered.
  • Helps the mind to recognize emotions.
  • Mental and emotional balance.

Meadowsweet helps one to receive and select different incoming messages from the environment. It will clear the restless mind and harmonize the ones in overdrive or reacting too easily. It helps to concentrate and to eliminate tension.

"I face my environment in a balanced way"


8. Zig-zag Clover Trifolium medium
  • For the introverts, better self-expression.
  • Liberating and removing unnecessary barriers.
  • Feeling open and happy.

Zig-zag Clover gives joy and creates a feeling of belonging. It helps releasing self-centeredness, and the feeling of being an outsider. Take this essence when you want to express yourself with a warm sense of humor and to activate your creativity. It is ideal in creating team work attitude and cooperative meetings.

"I express myself happily, freely and creatively in my own unique way"


9. Wood Crane's-bill Geranium sylvaticum
  • For the rejected, when life feels dull.
  • Elevates to see the abundance of life beyond daily routines and limited patterns.
  • Life feels wonderful.

Wood Crane's-bill helps to perceive the different values in life. It teaches to understand the unlimited possibilities life has to offer. It helps to accept the joy of life that leads to creative freedom. Wood Crane's-bill suits well the ones that do not easily allow themselves to enjoy life.

"I live life to the full"


10. Common Dog Violet Viola riviniana
  • For the shy and reclusive.
  • Brings out the true self.
  • Finding the delicate self and bringing it out.

Common Dog Violet can help to recognize one's own shyness. It encourages the melancholic and the ones that tend to withdraw into themselves. This essence promotes social interaction and helps one to live with courage, joy of giving and a smile.

"I find my inner beauty and express it"


11. Chickweed Wintergreen Trientalis europaea
  • For those who've lost their inspiration and are stuck in their problems.
  • Unifies and balances the whole being.
  • Confident mind and inner balance. Feeling good.

Chickweed Wintergreen purifies and elevates the mind above the experienced difficulties. It provides a secure, confident and a restful feeling. It helps to quiet down and to increase sensibility.

"I am confident, life carries"


12. Blueberry Vaccinium myrtillus
  • For the scattered, lack of spiritual and physical sustenance.
  • Help accepting life experiences and convey the power of life.
  • Promotes integrity and feeling of wholeness.

Blueberry strengthens you on your own path. It helps amplifying one's life force and to piece together the building blocks of life. You can use Blueberry also in case of indigestion.

"I access everything I need in terms of material and spiritual nutrition"


13. Pine Pinus sylvestris
  • For the ones avoiding responsibility, self-centered.
  • Awakens healthy self-esteem, releases negative self-perception.
  • Entrenched self-confidence.

Pine gives youthful masculine strength. It helps with anxiety, self-deprecation and in understanding your own mistakes. It breaks down restricting barriers and opens up emotional locks. Pine teaches to stand on your own roots in a healthy way, and helps caring for others. Good essence for the stubborn, for "gang" mentality.

"I'm strong, my connection to the ground and the environment is good"


14. Nettle Urtica dioica
  • For the powerless and exhausted.
  • Brings earthly strength to all levels of life.
  • Vitality, strength.

Nettle increases vitality and contributes to a good physical condition. It helps to identify and interpret your own needs and feelings. It teaches to realize that you are a part of nature, and that you will learn how to live as a part of the whole.

"I have all the resources I need and I make it happen"


15. Greater Plantain Plantago major
  • For the ones drifting and feeling useless.
  • Eliminates the feeling of separation and not belonging.
  • Inner contentment.

Great Plantain helps to stand firmly on your own feet. It raises self-esteem, respect for others, and helps sharing your point of view with others without the fear of criticism. It helps in feelings of solitude, sadness and frustration, as well as mental and physical trauma.

"I am happy about myself just the way I am."


16. Mountain Ash Sorbus aucuparia
  • For grieving hearts and the self-centered.
  • Opens the connection to love.
  • Openness and lightness of the heart.

Mountain Ash promotes self awareness. It helps to see the bigger picture, and letting go of little things and obsessions. It opens the heart to detect the difference between selfishness and true love. It teaches that loving thy self and others is not a sacrifice, and not adulation. It brings lightness to the heart and encourages sharing love.

"I am pure love"


17. Daisy Leucanthemum vulgare
  • For the defeated and indecisive.
  • Clarifies the objectives and actions to be taken.
  • Balance between feelings and reason.

Daisy helps to clarify goals and to proceed without unnecessary worries. It helps to distinguish between the essential and the unessential, and promotes self-acceptance and self-expression. Take Daisy to make a wise and correct choice, when you need to be more decisive or need direction and purpose in life.

"I know my purpose"


18. Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
  • For the anguished, sense of separation.
  • Detaches from the external and focuses attention within.
  • Inner peace.

Cornflower balances the mind and helps to identify emotions. It helps going through the pain, facilitates recovery from past experiences, and recharges to welcome new. Take Cornflower when you feel homesick, sad or in pain due to separation or longing. Your heart wakes up to love and your love life recovers.

"I'm happy here and now - beneath the clear blue sky"


19. Yarrow Achillea millefolium
  • For the weakened, to protect from the harshness of the environment
  • Purifies, revitalizes and reinforces immunity.
  • Feeling healthy and strong.

Yarrow provides protection from harmful external effects (e.g. pollution, additives), to which we react very differently. Yarrow increases resilience and inner strength. Take Yarrow to revive your internal regenerating force, especially when the immune system is weakened e.g. during the flu season. When the relation to the self is good, so is the relation to the environment.

"I have the power to create, I feel good and I am healthy"


20. Marsh Tea Ledum palustre
  • For deep anxiety, intense pain, addictions.
  • Helps liberating from problems and fears.
  • Inner relief and lightness.

Marsh Tea removes blockages behind anxieties and addictions like a liberating cry. It helps taking a step back and to observe our emotional states. Take Marsh Tea when you need help to deal with pain or emotional roller coasters.

"My mind has been eased, and I am free to enjoy life"


21. Bird Cherry Prunus padus
  • For blocked emotional states.
  • Helps understanding the whole and letting go of the past.
  • Serene mind, enlarged view.

Bird Cherry helps us to understand the meaning of past experiences and life lessons. It relieves the burden of childhood experiences and encourages close interaction with others. It promotes comprehension and forgiveness. Take Bird cherry if you have repressed a part of yourself and you want to open up.

"I accept my past and consciously open the door to a happy future"


22. Twinflower Linnea borealis
  • For inner conflicts.
  • Helps deepen relationships.
  • Free flowing life, inner harmony.

Twinflower balances and sensitizes to listen and to enjoy your own internal music. It brings people closer to one another, couples in particular. This essence promotes patience and helps finding a common ground, e.g. in independence and relationship crises. It creates a satisfied feeling and helps handling emotions.

"I am in harmony with myself and with the people close to me"


23. Wild Rose Rosa canina
  • For broken hearts, longing for love, yearning of the soul.
  • Opens connection to the soul.
  • Joyful feeling of love.

Wild Rose helps the expression of love, which triggers love in return. In this way the energy of love expands. Take this essence when your heart is longing for intimacy, or when your mind is restless. It helps opening up to love, and getting out of states of depression and indifference. Wild Rose can also help to reach deeper state of meditation.

"I experience divine love"


24. Dandelion Taraxacum spp.
  • For mental tiredness and depression.
  • Releases tension and conveys the energy of the sun.
  • Feeling energetic and easy-going.

Dandelion releases all sorts of tensions, opens emotional blockages and eases depression. This essence invigorates, bringing a feeling of lightness and harmony - like on a sunny day. Take Dandelion when you want to bring light to the darkness of autumn/winter e.g. in case of seasonal affective disorder.

"I can see the sun and I feel great"


Finnish Emergency Drops (White Water Lily, Chickweed Wintergreen, Marsh Tea)
  • Anxiety, stress, problem dwelling, different painful states.
  • Helps defragment your self-image, clarify problems.
  • Feeling confident, calm and peaceful.

The Finnish Emergency Drops is an excellent remedy in a variety of both psychological and spiritual life crises. It can be used, when needed, both internally and externally. Keep the drops handy at all times, in case of an emergency situation such as accident, shock, crisis or pain. This essence is mood uplifting and balances the psyche in difficult life situations such as divorce, loss of a loved one, anxiety and stress. It also helps to relax and calm down in stressful situations and thus can also aid the one having difficulties falling asleep.

"Everything will turn out for the better with time" 

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