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Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture for supportive treatment of ear infections and stuffiness.

The herbs in Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture are intended for :

  • Supportive treatment of ear infections and ear ache in both adults and children. 
  • Enhancing immunity. 
  • Removing mucus.
  • Opening respiratory tract and connection between ear and pharynx.
  • Strengthening the kidneys. According to traditional Chinese medicine kidney health is reflected in the ears; healthy kidneys - healthy ears.
  • Persons with sensitive ears and that react strongly to e.g. draft and wind.
  • Also for dogs with sensitive ears. 




Recommended daily dose:

  • Adults : 10-20 drops 2-5 times a day with water. Maximum daily dose is 5 times 20 drops.
  • Children : 1 drop per year of age e.g. 3 drops for 3 -year-old.

In case of acute ear infection the drops can be taken every hour. 

For persons with reoccurring ear infections, it is recommended to start taking Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture already when first symptoms appear e.g. runny nose, and also at the end of potential antibiotic treatments to enhance immunity. 

If needed, especially for small children, the dose can be added into hot water (+69°C) to enable the alcohol to evaporate.


The ear canals can be cleaned with a cotton swab moistened with Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture. You can also rub Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture on earlobes and soles of the feet. Do NOT put Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture drops directly into the ear.



Recommended daily dose (20-100 drops) equals fresh Plantain shoot 176-878mg, Purple Coneflower flowering plant 162-809mg, Littleleaf Linden flower 139-694mg, Mullein flower 24-119mg, Chamomile flower 104-521mg, Purple Coneflower root 38-190mg.



Do NOT put Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture drops directly into the ear.


This product is a dietary supplement; the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.



The Frantsila Herbal Tincture Drops preserve well, often several years. Best before date mentioned on bottle.


These recommendations/tips are provided for information purposes only. They do not replace diagnosis by a doctor, nor do they form a record of execution.


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Posol. Bunny Ears Herbal Tincture
This product does not contain added sugar, juice concentrates or preservatives. Frantsila Dietary Supplements are safe. NO side effects have been observed.

Ingredients : Alcohol (alcohol) *, Plantago spp. (Plantain leaf extract) *, Echinacea purpurea (purple coneflower root, flowering plant extract) *, Tilia cordata (littleleaf linden flower extract) *, Verbascum thapsus (mullein flower extract) *, Matricaria recutita (chamomile flower extract) *. - Organic*

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