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Bring relief to the aching body in case of muscle tension, joint pain and headache. This herbal tincture contains medicinal herbs that have traditionally been used to e.g. alleviate pain, treat inflammation, reinforce the immune system, and remove toxins from the body.

For an enhanced effect the Aches and Pains Herbal Tincture can be used together with externally applied products. Frantslia offers a wide range of pain alleviating creams and salves e.g. Dragon Salve, Tiger Power Salve, Green Ice Gel, Old Time Liniment, Ayurveda Pain Relief Body Oil etc.



Organic herbal extracts :

  •  Willow and Meadowsweet contain pain alleviating natural salicylates that according to studies are more multifunctional and effective than artificial aspirin. Salicylates also help lowering possible inflammation that is often present in painful areas.
  •  Yarrow, among other herbs, is used to reinforce and stimulate the immune system.
  •  Dandelion, Yarrow, Nettle and Horsetail help alleviating pains, aches and muscle tension by removing toxins, lactic acid and uric acid from the body. These herbs are also known as so-called "blood cleansing" herbs, stimulating the lymphatic and liver functions.
  •  Ginger stimulates blood circulation and helps releasing tension blockages and alleviating pain.

Finnish Flower Remedies : The flower essences of Yarrow and Dandelion are mood uplifting. Being in a good mood helps pain tolerance and raises the pain threshold.



Internally/Dosage :

  •  Adults : 15-20 drops 3 times a day mixed with water, or more often if necessary. The maximum daily dose is 5 times 20 drops.

If needed the dose can be added into hot water (+69°C) to enable the alcohol to evaporate.



Persons suffering from Aspirin allergy may be hypersensitive to the Aches and Pains Herbal tincture since it contains salicylates or natural aspirin occurring in Meadowsweet and Willow. Potential hypersensitivity or allergy to a product can be tested by applying directly on a small skin area e.g. wrist. In case of reaction e.g. rash, it is NOT recommended to use the product internally either. In case of doubt always consult your doctor.

The product contains Ginger that is NOT recommended to be used during pregnancy.

This product is a dietary supplement; the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. A dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of small children.



The Frantsila Herbal Tincture Drops preserve well, often several years. Best before date mentioned on bottle.

These recommendations/tips are provided for information purposes only. They do not replace diagnosis by a doctor, nor do they form a record of execution.




Informations du produit en français

Tuotetieto suomeksi

Posol. Aches & Pains Herbal Tincture
This product does not contain added sugar, juice concentrates or preservatives. Frantsila Dietary Supplements are safe. NO side effects have been observed.

Ingredients : Alcohol (alcohol)*, Filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet shoot extract)*, Equisetum arvense (horsetail extract)*, Zingiber officinale (ginger root extract)*, Urtica dioica (nettle shoot extract)*, Salix spp. (willow bark extract)*, Taraxacum officinalis (dandelion root extract )*, Achillea millefolium (yarrow flower extract)*. - Organic*

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