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Virpi Cormier has worked with herbs since early childhood. She started making herbal tea mixtures and growing culinary herbs as a young girl. She has had a continual interest in herbal growing and herbal medicine throughout her life. She studied Agriculture at the University of Helsinki and graduated as an agronomist. Besides herbalism, she has studied homeopathy, aromatherapy, flower essences and traditional Chinese medicine.

She has actively promoted organic growing methods and holistic views of life, and all of Frantsila's work is of course based on those principles.

Jim Cormier worked in gardens and was interested in nature since early childhood. His interest in medicinal plants blossomed after completing high school and before entering university. He studied Agriculture and selected Plant science as his area of study. Throughout the University time and afterwards his interest in herbal medicine grew.

Luckily Virpi and Jim found each other, so Frantsila could be established. Now Jim is leading the production and Virpi is responsible for product development and education.