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Your own Foot Spa at home

Happy Feet Gift Set

An easy 3 step foot care guide with Frantsila Organics foot care products:

After this 30 minutes foot care you will feel like your feet are literally floating of wellbeing! 

1. Foot bath

Prepare a basin of warm water and add half a cap of Frantsila Refreshing Foot Bath and let your feet soak for about 15 minutes. While you relax you will benefit from the delicious refreshing scent of genuine essential oils and organic herbs that have skin caring and disinfecting properties, revive blood circulation and reduce swelling. The bath will soften up the skin of your feet and prepare them for the next step.

2. Exfoliate

Dry your feet by gently rubbing with a towel and remove dead skin cells and hardened skin with a foot rasp. You can also use Frantsila Herbal Clay Peeling Bar to exfoliate. Remove dead and excess cuticle skin with the help of a wooden orange stick. Rinse and dry your feet well.

3. Moisturize

Finalize your foot treatment with applying Mother Nature's Foot Cream. The cream is filled with active ingredients from organic herbs, essential oils and cold pressed vegetable oils that will make your skin soft and smooth. You can also use the cream on legs to prevent and treat varicose veins and reduce swelling. For an added effect you can do a foot treatment mask by applying a thick layer of Mother Nature's Foot Cream and slipping your feet into cotton socks for the night. 

The Frantsila Happy Feet Gift Set includes the Frantsila Refreshing Foot Bath, Mother Nature's Foot Cream and a third product; Refreshing Foot Spray. The foot spray has skin caring and antibacterial properties and it can be used daily as a deodorant or whenever your feet are tired, swollen or need refreshing. 


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