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1. Beauty = wellbeing. Our skin is a part of a whole biological system, our body.

A real beautiful radiant skin is not something you get from chemicals and plastics. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is part of an interconnected system. How you feed and clean your skin affects your whole system, as well as how you take care of your body and mind affects your skin. Frantsila natural cosmetics feed your skin, your body and your mind.



2.  Organic cosmetics are pure and high quality nutrition for your skin and body.

Frantsila organic cold pressed oils, functional herbal tinctures and aroma therapeutic essential oils are chosen for their superior skin healing qualities. The active ingredients are more complex than any synthetic chemical, and so safe that they could be eaten. Did you know that omega acids penetrate deep into the body when applied on skin in form of vegetable oil?



3. You are not a test subject in today’s massive chemical cocktail experiment.

The majority of chemicals used in the cosmetics industry have not been tested for longer periods, and their combined effects on humans have not been sufficiently studied. Organic cosmetics are a safe and natural choice. No micro plastics, paraben, artificial perfumes or colors.



4. Imagine how beautiful our countryside would be if it was full of organically grown flower fields!

By using organic cosmetics you support the creation of flower fields. At the same time you are keeping yourself toxin free, and keeping nature chemical free.




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