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Spices & Complements

Tasty Herbal Tisanes and other nutritional supplements for happiness and health.


Baby’s Joy Herbal Tisane

50 g tl-09 6.83€

Therapeutic herbal drink for nurishing women, promoting the well being of both mother and baby.

Clean Stream Herbal Tisane

30 g tl-20 6.83€

Therapeutic herbal drink, detoxifying and purifying. Recommended during fasting.

Forest Spring Herbal Tisane

30 g tl-21 6.83€

Therapeutic herbal drink, promotes circulation of body fluids, reduces water retention.

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Frendship Herbal Tisane

30 g tl-01 6.83€

Herbal drink for general use. Frantila's tisane for all good friends.

Joyful Mind Herbal Tisane

40 g tl-04 6.83€

Herbal drink for general use. For special occasions and joyful moments.

Lullaby Herbal Tisane

30 g tl-26 6.83€

Therapeutic herbal drink. Calms down and helps falling asleep.

Horsetail Tablets

120tbl r-051 16.87€

Herbal tablets for strong bones, healthy hair, nails and skin.

Organic Nettle Powder

30 g yl-27 5.22€

Add nettle powder to your cooking to raise nutritional value. Nettle is known to be rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins.

Sun Energy Herbal Powder

50 g rl-01 10.55€

Increased vitality and resistance with plant antioxidants, natural vitamins and minerals.

Wellbeing Herbal Tisane

30 g tl-16 6.83€

Therapeutic herbal drink for stomach health.